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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A New Home For Bochica and Moe

Saying Goodbye

Sometimes it is so painful to do something, even though you know it is the right thing. This was the case yesterday when I took my horses to their retirement home. I never in my wildest dreams ever imagined this day would come. My days with Bochica and Moe have been some of the most rewarding in my life. For eleven years my life has revolved around these horses. Living without them will be a HUGE adjustment.My only solace is that they are in a very good new home and will be taken care of very well. I will probably miss them much more than they will miss me. As I said earlier, I will be moving this summer and just physically cannot take care of them any longer. I decided to go ahead and board them so I can assure myself that they are settled in and happy. 

So, yesterday a very nice woman came and hauled them for me.

Bochica waiting
Bochica knew something was up. He was listening and  heard the trailer coming way before I did, His ears perked up and he began dancing around. Earlier I  had a long talk with him about  leaving. I think horses understand more than we think.

Moe waiting
Moe was waiting calmly.

A huge trailer

When they saw the trailer, they both perked up. Bochica really got excited. Bochica had never ridden in a trailer that large. I was concerned about him loading, but Moe was the one who balked. I think he was afraid he was leaving without Bochica. So she loaded Bochica first--he walked right in with no hesitation (Good Boy!) and Moe followed without any problem.

A welcoming committee

Moe was the first one out. Both horses immediately began eating grass-then it was off to the barn. Soon they will be in a large pasture with other horses.

A window just my height

Who is that horse in the last stall?

The wonderful woman who runs this place had a nice warm bran mash waiting for them. They seemed to settle right in and even Bochica did not seem nervous. They will be in the stall most of the time for a couple of days just to make sure they are healthy. Then they will be gradually introduced to their new pasture mates. I'll be visiting them tomorrow to see how they are--and probably most every day. I'll keep updating!!

Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What A Difference a Haircut Makes

Wow! What a difference a haircut makes -- for pets as well as humans!

Rufus was so long and shaggy and very dirty. I have been under the weather and haven't felt like cleaning him up. So I finally decided to take him to the groomer. Well, when I picked him up, I almost didn't recognize him. See the before and after---

Rufus before grooming
Rufus after grooming

Which do you like better?  I think I prefer him before--he was just so cute! But now there will be less hair floating around my house. :) And it will grow. And he is nice and clean!! Poor baby, he is one tired doggie!! He will get a good rest tonight!

Stay tuned for more from Salsipuedes!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

A New Hobby

As I said earlier, I believe one secret to happiness is being able to adapt. Well, as part of my adaptation to circumstances, I've decided to begin a new hobby, something less strenuous than the "country life". :)

I know you must be wondering what I will try next. My new hobby is jewelry making. There is a lot to learn! One of the first things I learned is that it is no fun to spill your seed beads! Do you know how tiny they are and how difficult it is to pick them up off the floor???

These are a few of my beginner's pieces:

Christmas presents

Reminds me of amber

I like blue anything!

A set

I had hoped to work on new items during the cold days of February; however, another project occupied most of my time. Then when finished it, I came down with "the crud". I have been under the weather for a couple of weeks, but finally feel human again. So this week I hope to get back to jewelry!! Wish me luck!!

Stay tuned for my next project!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Fascinating Crows!

I've had more fun observing the little flock of crows that live here at Salsipuedes. They visit the barn every morning and clean up the spilled grain the horses left behind. Crows are very determined--last year I smeared peanut butter on a tree trunk. They would fly by and grab a little. Eventually they got it all. This year I smeared a pine cone with peanut butter, then rolled it in bluebird nuggets and raisins. This was supposed to be food for the bluebirds, right? No way! The crows spied it first. Check this out:


When I checked the pine cone yesterday, no bluebird food remained. The crows won again! I'll have to think of a new challenge for them. Stay tuned!

I Feel Like A Gypsy!

I've almost set a record here for the longest I have lived anywhere! It's been 5+ years.  But it seems that I wasn't meant to stay in one place long. I will be moving this summer. As you know, I've had my house for sale for a while. No luck, so I've listed it:

Calling in the "big guns"

Maybe Century 21 will have better luck. Go to their site and see the photos! It is a perfect place for someone wanting a rural life, yet to be close to civilization.

As I've said before, I believe the secret to happiness is being able to adapt to different situations. I've certainly had my share of that!!  Sometimes even in the midst of total despair, we must just make the decision to be happy. I'm working on that!!

It is with great sadness that I make these decisions about moving. I've found a good place for Bochica and Moe--they will be with a small herd of geldings in a 40 acre pasture with shelters and quality pasture and hay. As difficult as it is to think about moving and leaving them, I do feel good about their care. I'm putting out feelers for a home for the cats. By the way, George seems to be recovering!! Time will tell. 

The boys' new home to be!

Are you curious about where I will be going? Well, it will be a BIG change! I will be moving to the Washington D.C. area, probably Fairfax County, VA, to live with my son and his family. It will be quite different from this rural life I lead presently. And after living alone for 16 years, it will be a HUGE change. I have very mixed feelings about all of this, as you can imagine. My blog posts may change in the future to "how to adapt". :)

Meanwhile, I intend to squeeze every good moment out of this country life! I will enjoy everything nature has to offer here at Salsipuedes. I'm also making plans for new interests since I won't have my beloved horses. Stay tuned for future posts!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Poor George

It is so hard when a beloved pet gets sick. They can't talk to tell you how they feel. A week or so ago I went out to the barn to feed and found George laying flat out unable to get up! Well, I called the vet immediately and they told me to bring him in. I rushed over there, just at closing time. He worked on him for quite a while (he was so sick they couldn't even get a temperature). He diagnosed a stone completely blocking his bladder. It was touch and go as to if he would even survive the night. But he did and stayed there several days. $$$$  Unfortunately things are  not going well. Poor George!!

My George!

Unfortunately the vet did not tell me he would have to be on special food the rest of his life. All of you who have cats understand that that is not as easy as it sounds. George would not touch the "special food". I tried everything, but he just turned his nose up. So today I traded it for some dried food-so far no luck. Maybe he will eat it in the morning.  I fear he is already getting more stones and is wasting away. Poor George!!! Any suggestions?

George is my favorite cat--I brought him out here as a 6 month old kitten. He has killed all the mice (who might bring snakes) and is quite a character. One of his favorite things to do is ride in the golf cart. When he was a kitten, he would climb a tree and get scared to come down. I would drive under it and he would jump on top of the golf cart. Now he just likes to ride.

George and his best buddy, Rufus

Before I had Rufus, George would sit in my lap and always come to me immediately. When I brought Rufus home, George pouted for 2 weeks and would not come near me. Then oddly enough, he fell in love with Rufus. Now he comes and sits on the doorstep waiting for Rufus--and Rufus always knows when he is there. They love on each other and like to lay down together.

All the cats relaxing

George and the others are supposed to be "barn cats". But it seems at times they are "porch cats". This is one of their favorite places to hang out.

Snoozing on the swing

As you can see, he also likes to snooze on the swing. What a relaxed cat!!

Just hanging out!

This does not look so comfortable, but he likes it!

Well, wish me luck with George. I fear the worst! He is just not eating and I believe he already has another stone. I am frustrated beyond belief. Any suggestions?????

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bucket List Update

Time to Update!!

To learn Portuguese (no progress)
Pass on my love of the land to my grandchildren (in progressVacation in  Charleston, S.C. (Still hopeful)
Visit the redwood forest (Still hopeful)
Make a good friend that I can talk to about anything (Still hopeful - last attempt failed)
Sew a hand pieced quilt for my granddaughter (soon to be begun) (Maybe this year)

Learn to do pen and ink drawings(No progress)
Learn all about cows (any ideas how I can do this???)(No progress)
Finally learn to meditate (know of any classes, anyone?) (Have begun)

Organize my house!  (It is organized - now that it is for sale) :(  )
Visit Lost Maples State Park in the autumn (maybe next year)
Learn to do watercolor(No progress)
Learn about dragonflies(Maybe next  summer)
Find my talent (Wish me luck)(Maybe my talent is appreciating others' talent)


To see a bald eagle (have been looking, but no success so far)
Make jewelry (am in the process of learning--post to follow)
Learn to "live in the moment" (That would be a major accomplishment for me!)

And still that mystery one!

Stay tuned!!