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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


My sweet Moe made his transition across the rainbow bridge today-he was around  28-30 years old.

 When I went to look for a companion horse for Bochica, I thought I would buy a paint pony for the grandchildren. However, the minute I saw Moe, I fell in love with him. The very next day after I brought him home, I discovered he had cancer. I had him treated 3 times and finally it was cured. $$$ It was worth every penny. He was a great teaching  horse for the grandchildren, yet stepped up for adults who rode him. He was one of a kind. He always came up when I called and often followed me around when I rode Bochica. He nickered softly to me every morning when I came to the barn. 

Moe began his life on an Indian reservation somewhere in New Mexico. Later he was used as a hunting horse in Colorado and then as a Polo Cross horse. When I bought him he was already 15-17 years old. He was a little arthritic and stumbled occasionally, but was all heart. He would go anywhere I asked him. The only two things that spooked him were Texas Longhorns and miniature horses. :) He was a sweetheart!!

One funny story--one time I was taking a horse training class and we had an exercise where we were blindfolded and herded. Well, Moe was in my pasture across the street, and went crazy when I was blindfolded. He ran the fence and neighed loudly until they took the blindfold off and moved him closer to me. Who knows what horses think??

Unfortunately, circumstances last year led to me having to leave my horses and move out of state. I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful retirement home for him. He lived out his last year in a herd situation in a large pasture with ample grass and shelter. He made new friends and seemed very content. When I visited  him last summer, I saw he was failing--for the last few years he had been going down. I asked God for a clear sign when it was time for him to go.

Today I got the call I had been expecting for a while. He seemed to be having either strokes or seizures and was now suffering. So the decision I had been dreading had been made for me. I am just so sad that I couldn't be there to hug him one more time and tell him what a good boy he was and how much I appreciated him. I am sending my thoughts out to him!! 

Moe, you are crossing the rainbow bridge and will soon have no pain or suffering! I love you!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014


How Many Houses??

As I've been packing for my move in July (yes, I'm moving AGAIN), I've been going through old photographs. I have especially been drawn to those of my different homes. What  diverse styles!!

I only have a few memories of my first house. My favorite parts of it were the big porch, the stair landing, the little sewing room in the turret, and the big playroom. To this day I am very fond of porches--they call to me!! My brothers and I sat on a limb of the big pecan tree next door and bemoaned the destruction of it. It was to be replaced with a modern house.

A grand old house!

The next house was very different as you can see. It was a very modern house and had central air conditioning with a tower in the back yard. Italian tile floors were laid throughout,  which needed mopping every day because every footprint showed! A house cleaner's nightmare!!  My favorite parts were the double fireplace and the large wooden hanging light shaped like a dog bone.

Quite a change!

This little house in Albuquerque was my first purchased home. We bought it for $25,000, the price of  an automobile today! We had a marvelous view of Sandia Peak from the backyard. I had so much fun decorating that house.

Maybe I'll find a photo when the yard was in!

Next, a move to Clarksville again, and a house built by my daddy and designed by my mother My favorite part of it was the kitchen, with its apple green countertop.

A special house!

Next, on to Plano and another house. I liked the den, with its built in bookshelves and nice paneled walls. And I loved the fact that the elementary school was in the neighborhood--my boys could ride their bikes to school.

A snowy day!

Then for 10 years, I lived in apartments--no photos of them!!!

Life is strange. I was forced to finish raising my boys in apartments (yuk) and it wasn't until after they graduated from high school that I re-married and moved to Algonquin, Illinois. What a change in many ways. This was a little add-on house neighborhood next to the Fox River. Wonderful old lilac bushes,beautiful flowers, a little screened porch, and a birdwatcher's paradise.
I learned to shovel snow here!

Then, finally, back to the South! In Atlanta we had a two-story house with a basement. (The mover told my husband that we had certainly "come up in the world".  :)  Lots of stairs!! My favorite room in this house was my bonus room upstairs--I could spread out all my craft supplies!! Also I loved the little study where my husband and I each had our computers.

At least the snow didn't stay long here!

Whew--another move--this time back to Texas, on the Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake. This was to be our dream home--I spent a year designing it--but alas, my husband died two weeks before it was finished! I do have a lot of good memories, though, of my time there. I had so much fun decorating it, hosted my son's wedding there and had lots of company. I had a beautiful kitchen, walk-in pantry and wonderful bathroom. Also both a covered porch and patio overlooking the river. My flowers flourished - probably because of being watered from the river. I loved the river at times but at others, felt threatened by it. Two years after I sold and moved, the river did flood and the water was up to the roof! For once, I listened to my "gut" and moved at the right time.

My dream home!

Next, on to Sun City in Georgetown. My worst real estate venture. I loved the house, especially my open plan and the patio and backyard. But I did not like the closeness of the neighbors and the general atmosphere. I lost a lot of money in order to get out of that situation. But it was worth it!!

Too many restrictions here!!

Sometimes one has to be very, very unhappy in order to take a leap and make a drastic change. I had been filled with grief since the death of my husband. Nothing I did seemed to make it better. But then I took the trip to Colombia, and finally I gathered my courage and made a significant change.  ( You can read all about that on another post.)  At age 59, I bought a young, spirited Paso Fino and thus began a wonderful adventure. Every day I couldn't wait to get out to the barn. So I moved to an equestrian community, bought another horse for the grandchildren to ride, and and began learning all about training horses, buying hay,dealing with farriers,  and living in the country!! What fun--I do think this time in my life was the absolute best!! My favorite things were the porch and the barn there. And of course the horses. I am so grateful for that experience.

The wonderful wrap around porch!

However, one more move was yet to come! I moved back to my hometown, Clarksville, and started over once again. This time I moved to the country, not in a neighborhood. My house is 10 minutes from town, yet secluded enough to be private. I've loved it out here. The horses settled right in, I adopted a dog and three barn cats (who think they are front porch cats). I've had so many good times here identifying flowers, riding the horses, bird watching and just enjoying nature. My little house has been easier to take care of and note that I also have a nice front porch!! I told you I love porches!!

My little slice of heaven!

Well, never say never!! When I moved here, I said it was my last move. But circumstances change. With much sadness I have now boarded the horses at a good place and am moving to Vienna, Virginia to live with my son and family. That will definitely be a change. I've had very mixed feelings, as you can imagine. I vascillate between crying and being excited. Once again, though, a book called out to me and I just read one that has inspired me--it is Home Sweet Anywhere, by Lynne Martin. It is about a couple near my age who sold everything and travel the world. Obviously with my health and financial situation, I cannot do that. However, it did reinforce my thoughts of beginning a new life and trying new things. I will turn 70 this year--sometimes that seems ancient-but I guess it is true that you are only "as old as you feel" or "act". So I'm ready to move once again and try new things. Who knows, maybe my 70s will be my best years!! Oh, and here is the final photograph--maybe my last house???

I wonder what I'll like best about this house??

I cannot decide which house is my favorite. There are parts of all that I like.  Which is your favorite??? I would love a comment and vote!!

 I do know that a house does not make you happy--it is the people in it and the life you lead outside of it. I had just as many happy times in that little house in Algonquin as I did in my big houses.

Stay tuned for the progress of my new life in Vienna, VA!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Well, Bochica and Moe have been at their new home a month now.  They seem to be settling in just fine. The leader of the little herd, Ritz, immediately took Moe under his wing.

Moe and his new buddy, Ritz

After all these years of Bochica being the dominant horse, now Moe seems to be. When I went out this week, Bochica and Moe had teamed up with Jake, a paint. Their buddy seems to change every few days. I wonder who they will finally to choose to hang out with. They are still sticking pretty close to each other. Moe doesn't let other horses get too close to me. Bochica just basically ignores me!  I miss them so, but am consoling myself with the thought that they are living a good life! I'm very grateful to have found this wonderful place!!

Grazing peacefully!

I'm hoping they can live out their life continuing to be part of the little herd, with plenty of room to roam.

My next post will be a visit to the past--my many houses. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A New Home For Bochica and Moe

Saying Goodbye

Sometimes it is so painful to do something, even though you know it is the right thing. This was the case yesterday when I took my horses to their retirement home. I never in my wildest dreams ever imagined this day would come. My days with Bochica and Moe have been some of the most rewarding in my life. For eleven years my life has revolved around these horses. Living without them will be a HUGE adjustment.My only solace is that they are in a very good new home and will be taken care of very well. I will probably miss them much more than they will miss me. As I said earlier, I will be moving this summer and just physically cannot take care of them any longer. I decided to go ahead and board them so I can assure myself that they are settled in and happy. 

So, yesterday a very nice woman came and hauled them for me.

Bochica waiting
Bochica knew something was up. He was listening and  heard the trailer coming way before I did, His ears perked up and he began dancing around. Earlier I  had a long talk with him about  leaving. I think horses understand more than we think.

Moe waiting
Moe was waiting calmly.

A huge trailer

When they saw the trailer, they both perked up. Bochica really got excited. Bochica had never ridden in a trailer that large. I was concerned about him loading, but Moe was the one who balked. I think he was afraid he was leaving without Bochica. So she loaded Bochica first--he walked right in with no hesitation (Good Boy!) and Moe followed without any problem.

A welcoming committee

Moe was the first one out. Both horses immediately began eating grass-then it was off to the barn. Soon they will be in a large pasture with other horses.

A window just my height

Who is that horse in the last stall?

The wonderful woman who runs this place had a nice warm bran mash waiting for them. They seemed to settle right in and even Bochica did not seem nervous. They will be in the stall most of the time for a couple of days just to make sure they are healthy. Then they will be gradually introduced to their new pasture mates. I'll be visiting them tomorrow to see how they are--and probably most every day. I'll keep updating!!

Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What A Difference a Haircut Makes

Wow! What a difference a haircut makes -- for pets as well as humans!

Rufus was so long and shaggy and very dirty. I have been under the weather and haven't felt like cleaning him up. So I finally decided to take him to the groomer. Well, when I picked him up, I almost didn't recognize him. See the before and after---

Rufus before grooming
Rufus after grooming

Which do you like better?  I think I prefer him before--he was just so cute! But now there will be less hair floating around my house. :) And it will grow. And he is nice and clean!! Poor baby, he is one tired doggie!! He will get a good rest tonight!

Stay tuned for more from Salsipuedes!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

A New Hobby

As I said earlier, I believe one secret to happiness is being able to adapt. Well, as part of my adaptation to circumstances, I've decided to begin a new hobby, something less strenuous than the "country life". :)

I know you must be wondering what I will try next. My new hobby is jewelry making. There is a lot to learn! One of the first things I learned is that it is no fun to spill your seed beads! Do you know how tiny they are and how difficult it is to pick them up off the floor???

These are a few of my beginner's pieces:

Christmas presents

Reminds me of amber

I like blue anything!

A set

I had hoped to work on new items during the cold days of February; however, another project occupied most of my time. Then when finished it, I came down with "the crud". I have been under the weather for a couple of weeks, but finally feel human again. So this week I hope to get back to jewelry!! Wish me luck!!

Stay tuned for my next project!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Fascinating Crows!

I've had more fun observing the little flock of crows that live here at Salsipuedes. They visit the barn every morning and clean up the spilled grain the horses left behind. Crows are very determined--last year I smeared peanut butter on a tree trunk. They would fly by and grab a little. Eventually they got it all. This year I smeared a pine cone with peanut butter, then rolled it in bluebird nuggets and raisins. This was supposed to be food for the bluebirds, right? No way! The crows spied it first. Check this out:

When I checked the pine cone yesterday, no bluebird food remained. The crows won again! I'll have to think of a new challenge for them. Stay tuned!